Senators Joe Paskvan, Dennis Egan, and Gary Stevens during the closeout hearing of the Senate Finance DEED Subcommittee, March 20, 2012
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Friday, June 8, 2012

AKLN continues, despite lack of direct funding from the Alaska State Legislature

AKLN, the Alaska Learning Network has been reorganized and will continue to offer classes to Alaska students, despite lack of direct funding from the Alaska State Legislature.  AKLN is no longer offering generic courses from K-12, but is now offering 21 Alaskan-based courses from 12 sponsoring school districts. 

The cost is $175 for a semester-long course, and $325 for a year-long course, and most course fees will go to the sponsoring school district.  There is room for 20 students in each course, and space is available first come, first served.  All courses meet course requirements for the Alaska Performance Scholarship.  Students from any one of the 54 school districts in the state can enroll in courses, but must be signed up by the principal of their school or the principal's designee

The 21 courses being offered are.....

  • ENG 1: English Literature & Composition I (Teacher Emily Davis, Kake)
  • ENG 2: World Literature Analysis & Comp II (Teacher Chad Gerlach, Copper River)
  • ENG 3: American Literature (Teacher Larissa Wright, Anchorage)
  • ENG 4: World Literature: Many Voices, One Experience (Teacher Erik Johnson, Anchorage)
  • ENG 5: Creative Writing & Sitka Fine Arts Camp (Teacher Hillary Seeland, Sitka)
  • MATH 1: Pre-Algebra (Teacher Eric Hart, Chatham)
  • MATH 2: Algebra I (Teacher Christina Hum, Fairbanks)
  • MATH 3: Geometry / Trigonometry (Teacher Samantha Wuttig, Fairbanks)
  • MATH 4: Precalculus (Math 107) – dual credit (Teacher Doug Carroll, Cordova)
  • SCI 1: Physical Science (Teacher Joe Marley, Yukon Koyukuk)
  • SCI 2: Earth Science (Teacher Darren Kellerby, Anchorage)
  • SCI 3: eBIO, Biology (Teacher March Proch, Copper River)
  • SCI 4: Marine Biology (Teacher Jeff Szarzi, Kenai)
  • SCI 5: Chemistry (Teacher Lisa Thomas, Annette Island)
  • SCI 6: Environmental Science: Geospacial Technologies (Teacher Denyse Hurst, Kenai)
  • SS 1: World History (Teacher Nicole Crosby, Anchorage)
  • SS2: American History (Teacher Adam Robinson, Anchorage)
  • SS3: US Government and Politics (Teacher Michele Gala, Wrangell)
  • SS4 & 5: Alaska Studies (Teacher Christine Scott, Anchorage) 
  • CTE 1 & 2: CIOS 105 Computer Literacy – dual credit (Teacher Sam McPhetres,  Haines)
  • CTE 3: Survey of Emerging Technologies (Teacher Tracie Weisz, Alaska Gateway)
AKLN is overseen by a 15-member board consisting of superintendents or their designee.  Link to AKLN's website:

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