Senators Joe Paskvan, Dennis Egan, and Gary Stevens during the closeout hearing of the Senate Finance DEED Subcommittee, March 20, 2012
This blog contains highlights from the Alaska Education Update. The update is issued daily during session and contains detailed summaries of education issues under consideration by the Alaska State Legislature. If there is a hearing on a Monday, a report will, with few exceptions, be released by Tuesday morning. There is also a weekly edition of the update. During interim, reports are issued only when there has been action. Interim action may include hearings, bill signings, the release of the Governor's proposed budget for the next fiscal year, and other items that may be of interest to the education community.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Quick Recap of Monday's Action

There was a lot of action Monday on education issues, in addition to release of the Capital Budget by the Senate Finance Committee.  It is the intent of the Senate Finance Committee that Section 13 of the capital budget (SB 46, be considered as a single investment in grants for school construction around the state.  The governor originally requested $20 million for major school maintenance.  The Senate Finance Committee substitute funds an additional $250 million for school construction and maintenance, and clears every single project off DEED's major maintenance list.  Also included is funding for three schools to help settle the Kasayulie Case.  Total education funding in SB 46 is $397.5 million.  Send me an email, and I'll forward you my report on all the education items in the Senate Finance Committee Substitute. 

HB 6 - Removing a Regent: passed the house by a vote of 39 yeas, 1 absent. HB 6 was transmitted to the senate.

HB 15 - Student Athlete Traumatic Brain Injury: heard in and moved from House Judiciary Committee with a committee substitute. The Judiciary Committee substitute says that the person who clears an athlete to return to play must be certified in the evaluation and management of concussions, and must certify in writing or electronically that they are qualified. Reps. Lynn, Gruenberg, Thompson, Holmes, Pruitt, and Gatto recommend do pass. Rep. Keller made no recommendation. HB 15 is on the House Calendar for today. 

HJR 16 - Constitutional Amendment: Education Funding: was heard in and moved from the House Judiciary Committee to the House Finance Committee. No changes were made to the resolution. Reps. Lynn, Keller, Pruitt, Thompson, and Gatto recommended do pass. Reps. Gruenberg and Holmes recommended do not pass.

SB 1 - Board of Education & Early Development Annual Report: heard in and moved from the House Finance Committee. No changes were made to the bill. Reps. Fairclough, Tammie Wilson, Gara, Joule, Neuman, Costello, Edgmon, Stoltze, and Thomas recommended do pass.